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Concession Supplies
 Prepopped Popcorn (8-Bags.)  29.50
 Prepoped Cheese Popcorn (8-Bags)
 ***Aprox. 200 Servings Per-Case***
 Vicki Lynn Gourmet Raw Popcorn (50#)  29.50
 Pop-A-Lot Popcorn Oil Butter Flavor  59.00
 **Cholesterol Free** 4-1gal. per-case
 Red Coconut Oil    (50# Pail)  83.00
 Flav-O-Rene Popcorn Salt  (4#)    7.70
 Fry-More Vegetable Oil-Deep Fry (35#)  39.95
 R.G. # 4 Popcorn Bags - 1oz.(500ct.)  19.85
 R.G. # 5 Popcorn Bags - 1.5oz.(500ct.)  20.65
 Jumbo Popcorn Bags - 2oz. (500ct.)  22.50
 Big Tex Popcorn Bags - 3.5oz. (500ct.)  32.75
 R.G. #2 Popcorn Boxes -1oz. (500ct.)  54.31
 R.G. #3 Popcorn Boxes - 1.5oz.(500ct.)  58.39
 R.G. #4 Popcorn Boxes - 2.75oz.(250ct.)  48.80
 Popcorn Trays #3  (500ct.)  29.00
 Nacho Chips - 6# Case    8.75
 Rita's Aged Cheddar Cheese 4-140oz.  71.50
 Jalepeno Peppers - 64oz. 1.5gal.    4.64
 Nacho Bowls (500ct.)  22.50
 Nacho Trays Clear Plastic (500ct.)  49.50
 Cotton Candy Floss-Sugar RTU (20#)  29.50
 Flavors-Bl.Rasp,Grape,Cherry,Pink, Ect...
 Cotton Candy Bags (500ct.)  29.50
 Cotton Candy Cones (1000ct.)--Case---  35.00
 Cotton Candy Cones (100ct.)  12.55
 Snow Cone Syrup (4-1gal.) RTU  38.95
 Flavors-Bl.Rasp,Grape,Cherry, Ect....
 Snow Cone Cups - 6oz. - 5000 ct. 234.00
 Snow Cone Cups - 6oz. - 200 ct. (1-Tube)  15 .50
 1oz. Snow Cone Pumps for Gal. Jugs     5.95
 Neutral Slush Base (4-1gal.)   38.95
 Simple Syrup (4-1gal.)   26.50
 Drink Mix Concentrate (4-1gal.)   26.50
 Carmel Apple Dip (6-10#) 135.00
 Carmel Apple Dip (1-10#)   25.50
 Apple Wraps 12 x 12 (1000ct.)   11.25
 Apple Sticks 5.5 x 11/64 Wood (1000ct.)   32.50
 Apple Setter Sticks 5.5x15/64 Paper (500ct.)


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