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Cretors Twin Electric 48oz. Giants on 7' Table

* Most versatile popper design.
* Two shelves for installation of either two pedestal poppers, or combination of pedestal popper and caramel coating to create a caramel corn plant.
* 50lb. corn drawer included; 100lb. corn drawer available.
*Corn chute allows easy transfer of popped product from receiving tray to storage containers.

Cretors Electric Pedestal Poppers are the Best in Clean Operation,Reliable,Profitablty,Production Durability Nothing Outperforms Cretors Giant Kettles !!
Every Cretors' large pedestal popper includes these key elements.
*Stainless steel or nickel-plated,all-steel kettles resists corrosion and easy to clean.
*One-piece kettle design.
*Low maintenance design includes a single thermostat that provides excellent temperature control.
*Twin kettle design provide high volume operation.
*Available in 20,32,48 & 60 oz. Kettle Sizes.
*20oz. = 400 one ounce servings per hour.
*32oz. = 640 one ounce servings per hour.
*48oz. = 960 one ounce servings per hour.
*60oz. =1200 one ounce servings per hour.

Also Cretors One-Piece kettle design features:
*Direct injection oil feed, virtually eliminates oil tube misalignment leading to messy oil spills.
*Kettle cover comes apart easily with tab and pin design, No tool needed !
*Improved raised pan center prevents oil leakage into motor. 

Cretors Model 80 Continuous Hot Air Popper, Originally designed for snack food plants, the Model 80 Continuous Hot Air Popper is gaining popularity among retail stores and large concession areas.

* Production capacity of 80lbs. of raw popcorn per hour.
* Automatic continuous dry popper with Cretors patented hot air suspension system.
* Popcorn kernels are popped in a steady current of hot air where they uniformly heated to popping temperature.
* Built in sifter removes unpopped and undersized kernels.
* Digital temperature control allows the operator user to set an exact temperature for the best popping efficiency depending on the grade and hybrid being used.
* Combine the Model 80 Popper with Cretors 100lb. Caramelizer for dependable popping plant to create  a variety of popcorn batches using savory and caramel coatings.

Cretors 685 Hot Air Popper

The Hot Air Popper is designed to produce hot air popped corn in a retail shop or concession setting.
The 685 hot air popper has a production capacity of 40-50 pounds of raw popcorn per hour.
* Quiet operation.
* Stainless steel cabinet.
* Includes built in sifting basket.
* Solenoid valve controls main burner flame on gas models.
* Safety pilot valve controls pilot flame on gas models.
* This electric model is UL approved.
This unit also Available in Natural,Propane Gas.

This unit will produce approximately 100lbs. of Carmel Corn per Hour.
This Unit is priced with Table and Step included.

This unit will produce approximately 100lbs. of Carmel Corn Per. Hour.
This unit is priced as Caramelizer Only, No Cooling Table.

Cretors CMD 25 Caramelizer with Cooling Bin with Optional Blower.

* Cretors Caramelizer in mounted on existing or custom built Cretors popping table or cooling bin.
* Mixing baffles simplify the coating process.
* Popcorn is cooled in a uniform manner, product clumps less and breakage is reduced during the cooling process.
* Optional built in blowers send cool air up though the perforated stainless steel receiving tray for quicker cooling time.
* Corn chute allows easy transfer of coated popcorn from receiving tray to storage containers.
* Available in 7' Knock down tables also.
* This is unit is priced with out cooling fan.

Cretors Knock Down Table Features & Benefits:

* The table can knock-down to a few simple pieces that make transporting the table easier & less expensive.
* New table design provides the capability of adding an additional shelf for a popper or caramelizer.
* The knock-down table is constructed of stainless steel that will Not Rust !!
* 50 lb. raw corn drawer included, 100 lb. corn drawer is available. 

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